SM-T290 2021 FRP Bypass

FRP Bypassing is slowly becoming an art form. Having to get more and more creative day by day with each new security update, we have to modify our methods. I enjoy the challenge though. So, how did I get around Samsung fixing my bypass method on SM-T290’s after the June 2021 Security Patch? Read on to find out

What’s Needed:

  • Patched Odin 3.14.1:
  • Chinese Non-FRP Firmware:
  • USA Firmware:
  • Windows PC with Samsung Drivers installed
  • Samsung FRP Tool:


  1. Download everything needed and organize yourself, makes this far easier in the long run
  2. With the device freshly reset to factory settings, move through Android Setup and connect to wifi, but don’t go further
  3. Open the Samsung FRP Tool as Admin and click the Disable Driver Signature button (if on Win8, 10, or 11), then restart your computer. This only needs to be done first time
  4. Once rebooted, open that tool again, connect your tablet to the computer via USB and wait for the computer to see its connected
  5. Click Bypass FRP and wait for a popup to come up on the screen of the tablet and click View to open YouTube on the pop up
  6. from there, click the 3 vertical menu buttons top right and select Terms & Privacy to open Chrome or Samsung Browser
  7. Navigate to “” and on that page click “Open Galaxy store”, if there’s an update required, run it and then get back to the web page and click the same option to open the galaxy store
  8. On the galaxy store, search “Hidden Settings” and download an app called “Android Hidden Settings (Quick Setting)” and click to download it
  9. Login to your Samsung Account to start the download and once the app installs, open it.
  10. In the app, search the word “Generic” and you’ll find some options to add a passcode. Try “SetupChooseLockGeneric” before others, if that doesn’t work, try the other options
  11. Once you can select a lock screen options, select Pattern and draw something you’ll remember.
  12. Once completed, turn off the tablet and get it into Download Mode (USB Plugged in, Vol Up and Down held while it boots, press Vol Up to enter download mode)
  13. On Patched Odin, load up the Chinese Non-FRP Files and start the flashing
  14. Once flashing is complete, the tablet will boot and go through setup like normal. It might require the pattern you created, might not
  15. Once setup is complete, you can power off the tablet again, put it back in download mode and flash USA Firmware with Patched Odin
  16. Go through setup, and you should have bypassed FRP!

Video coming soon

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