Flashing & Rooting Android 12 On A Google Pixel Device

Its super simple to root Android 12 now on Google Pixel’s. Some extra steps are needed compared to the normal root methods out there with custom Recovery, but we get around this just fine! Let’s get right into it!

What You Need

The Steps

Bootloader Locked

  1. If you can’t unlock your bootloader, you can still Flash the Android 12 BETA to your Pixel as long as you DID NOT FLASH the June 2021 Update!
  2. Download the OTA Zip from above, and the ADB/Fastboot stuff from above
  3. First run the ADB/Fastboot installer and install the Drivers for your device
  4. From here, on your phone, make sure USB Debugging is enabled
    – Open Settings
    – Select About Phone
    – Tap Build Number a bunch of times till it says you’re a developer
    – Go back and select System, then Developer Settings
    – Enable USB Debugging here
  5. Plug your device into your computer, on screen of the device, you’ll see it asking permission to connect, always give it permission
  6. Make sure your computer sees the device by opening Command Prompt
    – Open the Start Menu, type cmd and hit enter
    – in cmd, type adb devices, your device should display if done properly
  7. In command prompt type the line below
    adb reboot recovery
  8. Your device should boot into Recovery Mode
  9. You’ll see the little Android guy, hold power and press Volume Up to get the menu.
  10. In the menu, select Apply update from ADB using the volume buttons and power to select
  11. Device is now in sideload mode, use the command below to flash Android 12
    – adb sideload <your OTA ZIP, drag and drop it to the cmd window>
  12. It will take a few minutes but should flash successfully!

Bootloader Unlocked

  1. If your bootloader is unlocked, I assume you know how to flash ZIP’s with an unlocked bootloader, but in case you don’t…
  2. Download the Fastboot ZIP from above
  3. Follow steps above up to step 7, except type
    adb reboot bootloader
  4. Once in bootloader mode, you can type fastboot devices to see if the device is recognized.
  5. If recognized, you can then run the flash all.bat script from the ZIP file with all the files unzipped to a folder and flash the entire system

Rooting Your Android 12 Pixel

Make sure you’re up to date on your Pixel device with the Android 12 flash with steps above, then follow the steps below

Bootloader Unlocking

  1. This will wipe your device back to factory settings, back up everything first!
  2. If you’re already bootloader Unlocked, you can skip this step. Not all Pixel’s can unlock their bootloaders. You’ll know if you can bootloader unlock at step 3.
  3. Open the Settings app, go to About Phone, tap Build Number a bunch of times to enable Developer Options
  4. Go back to the main settings menu, go to System and select Developer Options
  5. If OEM Unlock is possible to toggle, congrats! You can root. Simply tap that, and make sure USB Debugging is enabled.
  6. Once toggled, plug your device into your computer.
  7. You should get a pop up asking for USB Debugging permissions, tap always and ok it.
  8. Open your start menu and type cmd and hit enter to open Command Prompt
  9. In CMD, type adb devices to make sure your device is recognized
  10. In CMD, type adb reboot bootloader to start the unlock process
  11. To unlock the bootloader, type in CMD, fastboot flashing unlock
  12. On device it’ll ask you to ok the unlock, simply ok it. Device will reboot to bootloader, from there just start the device up and turn it on fully!

Magisk Manager

  1. You’ll have to go through the setup again, go to settings, enable Developer Settings and toggle USB Debugging again. Make sure your phone is still plugged into your computer as a Mass Storage Device so you can see internal storage on your computer
  2. Download the Fastboot ZIP from above, open it in 7Zip, then open the zip file inside there with 7Zip again and pull out vbmeta.img and boot.img
  3. Put boot.img on your internal storage of your Pixel device
  4. Using CMD, with USB Debugging enabled, type the following command below and hit enter
    adb install <drag magisk.apk to cmd window>
  5. This will Install Magisk Manager. Open Magisk on your device
  6. Select Install next to Magisk at the top, then toggle Select and Patch a File
  7. Select your boot.img and it’ll patch it
  8. Open the internal storage again on your computer, go to the Downloads folder on internal storage and drag and drop the magisk-patched.img file to your desktop somewhere
  9. Type in CMD, adb reboot bootloader and hit enter to go back to bootloader
  10. In CMD, once in bootloader, type the following then hit enter
    fastboot –disable-verity –disable-verification flash vbmeta <drag your vbmeta.img to CMD window>
  11. That disables boot verification, which is needed to run a Patched boot.img
  12. In CMD again, type what’s below, hit enter when done
    fastboot flash boot <Drag magisk-patched.img to cmd window>
  13. That installs the root boot.img, and now you’re rooted!

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