Flash GSI ROM and Root on OnePlus Nord N10 5G


Any lost data, bricked device or issues caused by attempting everything below is not my fault. You assume responsibility of your own actions. This has ONLY BEEN TESTED ON A BE2026!! You have been warned!

What You’ll Need

Full Fastboot/ADB installed, system wide helps
— My method is use the ADB Quick Installer (here: ADB Reborn), then also download the platform-tools and put everything in the ADB Folder (here: Select for your OS)

— So far, only tested /e/OS DeGoogled GSI ROM, which is Android 10 based. ZERO issues thus far (here, arm64 ab: CLICKY) this rom does have issues with Wifi if you patch the boot.img with Magisk. Recommend testing 11 Based GSI’s instead like LeOS which is based off of eOS

GAPPS if you so choose

Stock vbMeta.img
— found here from OnePlus: OnePlus Software … just select the Nord N10 and click download. or from XDA: https://forum.xda-developers.com/f/oneplus-nord-n10-5g-guides-news-discussion.11809/

Video instructions

text instructions


1.) Download your selected GSI ROM, GAPPS (if needed), Magisk Manager, stock firmware and make sure ADB is system wide installed

2.) Unlock your bootloader
— 2a.) Go to Settings, then About phone, tap Build number a bunch to enable developer settings
— 2b.) Go back and select System, then Developer Settings, enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlock
— 2c.) Plug in device, give PC developer control, and reboot to bootloader with “adb reboot bootloader”
— 2d.) Once in bootloader mode, use “fastboot flashing unlock” to unlock the bootloader. Device will wipe and reboot to system

3.) Plug your Device into your computer, open Command prompt and type the following command. It may ask for Debugging permission on device, select yes

adb reboot bootloader

4.) Now that you’re back on the Bootloader, you can use fastboot commands to get started flashing your GSI, first command to enter is

fastboot reboot fastboot

5.) You’re now in Fastbootd, this allows for easier flashing. You now need your vbmeta.img. Use the command below

fastboot --disable-verity --disable-verification flash vbmeta vbmeta.img

6.) Reboot fastbootd with the command from step 4, then use the commands below once rebooted

fastboot erase system
fastboot delete-logical-partition product
fastboot flash system GSI.img
fastboot -w
fastboot reboot

7.) You should now have your GSI flashed onto your device! That simple

Do NOT patch the boot.img with Magisk Manager and flash it. It breaks Wifi and Bluetooth on every single GSI Right now. If I find a work around, I will post it here.

How to Root your GSI Based ROM and keep Wifi Working!!

1.) Go to the PixelExperience ROM page and download just the Custom Recovery (here: PixelExperience Post)
2.) Once you have the recovery, reboot to bootloader

adb reboot bootloader

3.) Flash the recovery

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

4.) Reboot to recovery, then download MagiskManager APK from Github (just follow along, I promise, here: Magisk)

5.) Select Apply Update by USB in the Recovery, and sideload with the Magisk APK (it works, trust me)

adb sideload MagiskManager.apk

6.) Reboot device, select the Magisk Icon and you’re Rooted and ROM’d with working Wifi!

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