What Happened with the Original 1320Challenge Project?!?

Its time I tell this story on a platform I officially own that can be trusted as its FROM ME and no one else. This is 100% all true from my personal perspective, no one else’s. No mixed in influences either.

So here’s the skinny on it… About a dozen people, donated before the game really took off. I spent around 30 hours a week for 3 months getting the files I initially had working, which was enough to obviously show proof it was possible for the game to work.

After that, when we opened donations, we started working with a guy named DaKing to help us hire a good developer on Fiverr/Freelancer or other places. He did find us a developer, and we did the initial payment up front of fixing any bugs in the game source, as well as the PHP code of 600 USD. After that, it was agreed to we’d be given files back in steps as things were completed and pay in 600 intervals. We got the first batch of clean files, no problem, so we continued, but decided to do a bigger bulk payment for more work to be done faster, don’t remember exact amount, but it was for the CPU Tourneys to work, fix multiplayer bugs/get it working, and a lot of other small stuff. Enough that it would work for a beta and could start having bug fixes and small features added over time. Only stuff that didn’t work by that point was Parts Shop, some small stuff and Teams.

The beta went up I think it was December 1st 2017 under DaKing’s version, and we were given the files. They were a shit show. Looked like a teen in grade school wrote all the code. Exploits everywhere, possible to cheat every bit of the game, etc. We were inherently pissed, obviously, as the money spent by that point was 2800ish USD. DaKing held the files ransom, wouldn’t give us any bug fixed files and wanted 3grand more, that we didn’t have, from initially trying to hire coders ourselves.

LiquidAce came along, messaged me privately about a week before Christmas 2017 and was like “This DaKing guy is an asshole.” and offered FOR FREE to recreate the files using what we had as a base, fixing issues, updating it to php7 standard, etc.

He got more working in a week than DaKing did with his developers in over 8 months. I will forever be thankful for that. The code was also far more professional and we even had a custom coded EXE for the game with a basic anti-cheat to detect Cheat Engine and other stuff.

We kicked DaKing from the discord and everywhere else shortly after. Arguments of where to take the game started behind the scenes as I had all these promises from the donations to follow through with. LiquidAce and CaptainSpock (an admin due to how much he donated, and due to his line of working matching for being a good admin) were 100% against nearly all of it. No custom McLaren F1, No text colors in chat, no username customization. Nothing I promised was going to happen. Vanilla game or no game. They were 100% against all of it.

Arguments got worse, LiquidAce was constantly “making jokes” about the “shit Indian programmers” who created the initial project. I called him racist, straight up, and explained we wouldn’t be here even talking about it this game if it wasn’t for an initial programmer from India doing the base PHP files we were still using parts of and we should all be thankful for anything we had to get us started. Obviously, people don’t enjoy being called racist. I apologized for letting the argument get the best of me.

We all had a joint voice call, LiquidAce and CaptainSpock took away nearly every original project member’s rank, which pissed them off as they now had zero recognition for the original project of the stuff they did. LiquidAce’s and CaptainSpock’s reasoning behind it was because we weren’t using anything they created, they don’t deserve credits. I literally lost friends of multiple years because of their decisions that I had virtually no control over.

The community became toxic towards me at this point. LiquidAce shut down the beta out of nowhere for a week, didn’t tell anyone like he should in a community ran game, which was part of the communication issues we all had with each other. People started asking me multiple times a day what happened to the game. I had zero answers for them. LiquidAce states he was online monitoring everything, but I asked and he never answered.

I abused a FTP Connection permissions I still had access to, and took everything he created with a C99 PHP shell I found on Google. I had the thought process of “I’m not losing these files again for this community.” Then when he found out I did it, because I forgot to VPN myself, I was just there to make videos on the project I wasn’t even enjoying anymore. He could have pressed charges, I’m lucky he didn’t obviously as Unauthorized Access to a Networked Computer System is obviously a felony. After a bit of time of doing this, every so often I would throw out small suggestions for the game or community. I would still stream, help with car setups, and basically act as a moderator, but the community was very toxic towards me by this point.

What finally made me leave the project was I suggested making a ratio calculator on the web site where it would give an estimated race time with the ratios used, and you could save multiple sets of ratios. A feature fairly similar to games like Forza when it tells you the top speed and such while modifying the tune of the car. Everyone, and I mean everyone, shot me down hard on the idea. They called it silly, stupid, shitty, and every other insulting word in the book. Not even 24 hours later, LiquidAce added it to the website, and everyone praised him for the idea, saying it wasn’t the same as my idea, when it was a carbon copy.

I left the project May 2019, and the stress off my shoulders was amazing. Another project may happen some day, but this one is no more. The project LiquidAce and CaptainSpock took from us hurt the entire community as updates stalled, the game never moved forward, they gave everyone 50,000,000 in game cash to use, part shop and teams was never completed, features are missing and people got bored with it as there was no reason to play when you can just buy stuff with virtually unlimited money. That 1320Challenge project is dead. I did not give up on the project, they stole it and gave up themselves.

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