Drift City Offline Game Client & Server

First off, before anything, I want to give credits to the original creator of the “Offline” Server from RageZone, savetherobots. Did an awesome job putting this together for everyone to enjoy!

Why would I play this ONLINE game OFFLINE?

Well, there’s many reasons this was created. A few of them were outlined in the original post for this on RageZone. If you get the modding tools, this is a great way to test mods without having to update everything on a server to support it. That, and playing the game in a speed run sense is an idea I came up with. Not sure how possible that would be, but some day, I’ll give it a shot.

Enough BS, how do I play?!?

Its actually really easy! There is a video below which will explain (with the original RageZone pages, not this one) I created to show you how to get it running. Difference being, all download links are also below in one place!

Login for the offline client is admin for both Username and Password!


Original Links:
Direct Link Offline Server
MEGA Drift City 0.77a Client Download

Backup Links:
Direct Link Offline Server
Game Client Uploading to AnonFile