Windows 10 SandboxEscaper Zero Day Exploit Download [SOURCE CODE]

So, within the last month sometime, a “rogue researcher” decided to develop a grudge against the USA’s FBI and release the source code on Github of some Zero Day exploits. FIVE exploits were released with source code in total, I personally was only able to find two of them, unfortunately. Although, lucky for you, I enjoy sharing. Sharing is caring.

You will need a newer version of WinRAR (newer than 5.0) to open these RAR files as unless I made the RAR5, anti-virus picks them up instantly.

First off, what’s a Zero-Day exploit?!?

A zero day exploit is a cyber attack that occurs on the same day a weakness is discovered in software. At that point, it’s exploited before a fix becomes available from its creator.

SandBoxEscaper How does it work?

IE11 sandbox escape zero-day allows malware attackers create to inject malicious code into the sandboxed iexplorer.exe running process and bypass its protection mode. See the video below to see it in action…

Here’s the issue though with the released code… Unless you know what you’re doing, you can not just download and compile this code to work with the May 1903 Windows 10 update. Also, this is coded for a very specific version of Windows 10’s iexplorer.exe. If you don’t know anything about reverse engineering, you won’t get this working elsewhere even though its been reported that people with the source code (linked below) that have this kind of knowledge have it working even on Windows 8 Internet Explorer 11 versions.

Download SandboxEscaper from the link below
AnonFile Host – PolarBearRepo DOWNLOAD

Backup Link here: Direct Link BACKUP


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