TechX’s Official Modded Anarchy Minecraft Server!

I’ve talked about it for ages, wanting a MODDED Anarchy Minecraft server. With the release of 1.13 and being able to use Datapacks, it’s finally happened! I’ve finally done it!

Server IP: Coming soon (private testing)

Official Mod List

  • AFK Detection: If you’re AFK for more than 5 minutes, you’re kicked.
  • All Mob Head Drops: Any Mob killed with a Looting 3 item will drop its head for you to pickup!
  • Anti-Enderman Grief: Enderman don’t pick up blocks
  • Anti-Zombie Breach: Zombies can’t break doors
  • Auto-Plant Saplings: As saplings fall, they auto plant
  • Interactive Bookshelves: Allows you to place items on bookshelves
  • Chicken Shedding: Chickens randomly shed feathers
  • ClearLag: Every 15 minutes, items on the ground will despawn
  • Crop Harvesting: With a Diamond Hoe, Crops are auto harvested as you walk over them and replanted
  • Death Books: If you die, you’re given a book on respawn with your death coordinates
  • Deep Mobs: The lower your Y Coordinate, the harder and more abundant the mobs become. Rare Spawns of some unexpected creatures are added to the over world as well!
  • Ender Beacons
  • Grave Stones: When you die, a grave stone is left behind and you can collect your items
  • Mixed Stone Tools: Mix and match any stone to create a stone tool
  • Mob Statues: Create Mob Statues in your house using Mob Heads and Armor Stands. Decorate them by throwing armor and other items at them!
  • Mob Muters: Placing a note block with wool (any color) above it will silence any non-player mob above it, with space for a floor or collection system. No more noisy animals or mob farms. As soon as they walk away or the wool/note block is broken they can make noise again.
  • Paper Bark: When stripping bark from a log, 20% chance of dropping paper
  • Plated Elytra: Throw an Elytra and any Chest Plate onto an Anvil and they combine, giving the Elytra an armor rating equal to the Chest Plate used
  • Possessive Pigmen: Pigmen don’t like when you steal their nether quartz, although a certain enchant on a pickaxe they don’t seem to mind.
  • Slabs2Blocks: Convert Half-slabs back to blocks
  • Tridents O’Plenty: Tridents are more likely to drop
  • Vampire Bats: A reason to kill those pesky bats! They can bite!
  • XP Storage: Use Bottles to store your levels so you don’t lose them if you die.
  • Zombie Leather: If you cool zombie flesh in a furnace, it turns to leather.
  • There’s also a ton here that aren’t listed for a surprise 😉