Gen1 Veloster Head Unit Hacking

So, I figured I’d get everything in one place for everyone. Ease of access means the community can mess with it more and have better results. This page will have all the download links to tools, files, modifications, etc that are available for the Gen1 Non-Android Auto compliant Head Unit’s in the car.

IF You Brick Your Head Unit By Messing With It With The Provided Tools On This Page, I Am Not Responsible For It. This Is For Educational Use Only.

With the stupid disclaimer out of the way to protect myself…. Let’s get started with download links to what you need.


  • No Navigation ISO Firmware File Download: AnonFile Link
  • Navigation ISO Firmware File Download: AnonFile Link
  • LGU2DIR Extractor and DIR2LGU Compressor: AnonFile Link
  • WinRAR, 7ZIP or WinZIP: Easy to Google official links for

Extracting the Firmware from the ISO

  1. This is the first simple part luckily. Install 7ZIP, WinRAR or WinZIP
  2. Open the ZIP File for your head unit and extract the ISO to a folder somewhere on your computer
  3. Open the ISO in one of the 3 programs listed in step one. You may have to Right Click-Open With… as Windows 10 might try to auto-mount the ISO instead of opening it with one of those programs
  4. Drag and Drop all the contents of the ISO into a new folder… Done!

Extracting the Upgrade.lgu File

  1. Download the LGU2DIR Extractor with the links above
  2. Extract the LGU2DIR.exe and LGU2DIR.cmd to the same folder as the Upgrade.lgu file
  3. Run LGU2DIR.cmd  and it’ll auto-extract the files into a folder named Extracted
  4. Done!

Browsing the Extracted Files

For this, I’ll be using the No Navigation as my personal Veloster does not have Navigation. Below is the file structure of the Upgrade.lgu for the No-Navigation Head Unit

  • Storage Card
    – BootLoader
    – Firmware
    — bt (bluetooth drivers)
    — key_micom (unsure)
    — micom (unsure)
    – font (could change the font style of the head unit here easily)
    – Gracenote (voice activated music searching tool if using an iPhone compatible. From my research, it sucks… just disable it)
    – IBM (just some Language Files)
    – language (do I need to explain this? lol)
    – Model (just a txt file with a list of models this firmware works on)
    – skin (this is where you can customize the theme and look of your head unit, more on that later)
    – sound (different sound effects throughout the system. PCM files, there are converts for MP3 to PCM. This allows custom ring tones and such)
    – system (the actual system files and programs the Head Unit uses to function)
    – VR (text to speech stuff in a basic sense)
  • Storage Card 2
    – DATA
    — clancy (unsure)
    — hyperion (unsure)
    — info (has a screensaver folder with 1 image in it for errors)
    — iris (empty folder)
    — jupiter (has 1 text file in it with some numbers in it…)
    — nike (empty folder)
    — pleiades (XM Radio stuff)
    — SVOX (empty folder)
    — VULCAN (1 text file)
    — zephyr_na (just some stuff for the head unit)
    – GPS (has 1 file in it, but GPS does nothing and is disabled on this firmware)
    – MyMedia (empty folder, presumably for making playlists when using a phone or thumb drive for music)

More Coming Soon!