Backdoor Bypass Admin BIOS Passwords

Working at the family owned computer repair shop, I come across some weird things sometimes. We got a computer in which has a virus. The computer had no BIOS Admin password set when we started working on it, but once we ran a virus scan in Windows (which we don’t normally do), somehow, when we restarted the computer, it had a password to get in! We knew it was a Power or BIOS Admin password by the prompt. Luckily, it was easy to get around and I wanted to teach anyone else how to do it.

What You’ll Need

  • Another computer or mobile device with Internet Access
  • Ability to follow instructions

This does not work on all computers, only computers which contain the backdoor algorithm and have been cracked.


  1. Power on the computer with the locked BIOS and attempt to enter it. Entering the BIOS key varies depending on the manufacturer, but I’ll list the popular ones below. This does still vary machine to machine, but try them out.
    HP: F10
    Dell: F2
    Lenovo: F1 or F2
    ASUS: F2
  2. Once completed, you should see a box on the screen asking for a password. Purposely fail the password 3 times. Just type gibberish.
  3. Once you’ve failed 3 times, it should say something like “System Locked” and have a number in [] on the screen. Write down that number
  4. Go to and enter in the number you received from failing the password.
  5. Power off the computer, power it back on and type in the bypass code given by the bios-pw website.
  6. Once typed in, hit Ctrl+Enter and you should be allowed into the BIOS. If Ctrl+Enter doesn’t work, repeat Step 5 but hit just Enter. If that fails, then the bypass doesn’t work.

From there, you can browse through the BIOS, find where the Password is set and clear it! That easy.