Pro Series Drag Racing Auto Shifting Code Injection

Pro Series Drag Racing is an automotive drag racing game for Android based on the Unity3D Game Engine. Still compiled to DLL instead of IL2CPP, this allows for custom code to be injected via tools like dnSpy or .NET Reflector. Using those tools, I’ve found a way to add in an Automatic Transmission modification to the game.

The way this was done was by locating the code which, in real time, checks your current RPM in order to turn on the Shift Light. By modifying this code, you can add in the code which tells the car to shift up. I did have to code a custom function for gear ratio timing and shift time, the time between gears which the car is in “neutral” basically.

The only current problem is if you tune the car and change the shift light on RPM anytime with the game open, you have to close the game and re-open it to have the Automatic Shift work on the new RPM set. Will fix this soon.

Video below shows a demonstration of Auto Shift. Auto Launch has been completed, but the Dashboard breaks while in use, so have to find a better way.