Pro Series Drag Racing APK Mod Is Back!

Many of you miss the APK mods from me. I rarely make them anymore because they just aren’t as fun as they used to be when it was all C# code manipulation instead of this IL2CPP IDA Pro hex editing stuff. That’s not fun. I’m not learning anything by copying and pasting bytes. Pro Series Drag Racing is still the C# code manipulation and I love it! Let’s see what we can do with this… List of features below

This is all done by pressing one button! No release planned YET, but will soon

  • Everything is Random…
  • Adds Cash, Gold, XP, Dyno Runs, Prestige Coins and Spin Coins to your account
  • Ability to buy the Prestige Cars for free

Video below demo’s the apk in its current form. Releases may happen in the future after I get more things working or different features I deem not harmful to the games community.