What’s Goin’ On Lately?!?

A lot of people have come forward asking me why YouTube videos have slowed down, why I haven’t released updates on 132oChallenge, made any tutorials for anything Android, etc… I just wanted to clear up some stuff here and keep you all in the know!

Buying a House While being Laid Off!

I’ve been going through the fun of buying a house… heavy sarcasm. My lease on my apartment is up Feb. 17, 2019, but I can’t move into the house until March 25, 2019. I was laid off from my main job of Office Max in December 2018 just before we started the process of buying the house. We were already looking and about to put in an offer. Luckily, a friend of mine bought out a computer shop about a year and a half ago and needed help in the store doing repairs on cell phones and tablets… my specialty. Unknown to me though, I had to be a W2 employee for the loan to go through on the house. I was 1099 working for my friend and had only been with him a month-ish… That pushed the house away, but I really didn’t want to lose this house.

Feb. 20 – A New Job!

Starting on Feb. 20, 2019, I’ll be starting a new job doing what I love. Repairing electronic devices on a massive scale for an awesome company that really makes everyone feel like family. I’ll be repairing cell phones, tablets, iPod Touch devices, POS computers and handhelds on a Monday through Friday schedule and compensated properly for my knowledge, unlike the places I’ve worked previously. I’ve had many people tell me I’m worth far more than I’ve been paid in the past. Sometimes I agree, sometimes I really disagree. Depends on what needs to be done. Because of this job though, we had to extend the Closing Date for my house loan to the end of March. Thankfully, no matter what I’ll be approved for this house loan.

Other Stuff…

The other stuff holding me back from being crazy productive is obviously my son’s becoming a hand full. He’s walkin everywhere. Getting into everything and curious about it all. Luckily at only a year old, I know he’s going to take a liking to guitar. He already figured out how to strum it to make sound with a gentle touch. My Mother also needs heart surgery this month to basically save her life. Stress is at its maximum

All in all, I’ll be alright. I’ll be back in March in full swing, posting tutorials, videos, guides, and more text blogs. Maybe I’ll get into vlogging, who knows!