TechX Portfolio Launch Day

So, first off, welcome to my portfolio website. There’s a lot to soak in here, so let me try to explain the present and future of this place!

What I Do

My names Dave. I’ve been many things since the first time I ever touched a computer. Computers help me think. I make daily life decisions almost in a basic code style in my head with loops and case statements. If statements float through my head all the time as well. There was a lot of thinking of “do I make this website? Do I put myself out there like this?” And eventually, obviously, that answer became yes. I feel my Resume doesn’t speak enough. its 2 pages of some basics about me, and that’s it. You don’t get the real story, and I hate that.

Since the day I got my first computer, I’ve been learning. Whether its where I started with basic programming, or where I am now, being taught advanced repair by a 30 year veteran who used to design circuit boards and processors at Intel. Computers and other technology like them are what I love. They keep me sane. They calm me down. There’s already a post about that though above if you click the My Story link in the main menu of the website.

So… What Is This Place?!?


Well, for a long time, I tried running multiple websites, each with its own subject attached to it. SinfulAndroid was all about Android device, game and app modifications/hacking. 1320Challenge is a web forum for the game my friends and I recreated. RRR3volution stood for Racing Rivals Revolution, for the days of when I was strictly modding and hacking Racing Rivals (RIP March 2019). VG-Vault is a website dedicated to archiving video game content. PCPowerMobile is a website dedicated to the company I work for that’s built to advertise our cell phone repairs as well as sell parts.

None of these sites really grasped anyone or brought them in because I couldn’t modify so many websites every single day. I need one website that hosts it all. That’s why I created, which is short for TechX Online. This will house everything from now on. SinfulAndroid will close, RRR3volution already did before SinfulAndroid, 1320Challenge may stay open, VG-Vault will stay in the hands of my friend Steve and PCPowerMobile is in the hands of my current boss. Everything I know, have done in the past, and will do in the present/future will be posted here. My Tutorials from YouTube, Project Releases, updates for current projects, archives of my achievements and so much more will be here. As well as I plan on relaunching my business idea Hack4Hire through this website. I may or may not add a web forum to this as well, because I’m a sucker for forums. I love em.

I’ll keep in touch, enjoy!