Racing Rivals Official Server Development

If you’ve come here, its because you want answers about the Racing Rivals Server Project that popped up on my YouTube channel (video below) or from in passing in one of the many Racing Rivals groups on Facebook… Well, let’s get started I suppose.

Who is working on the project?

So far, there’s only 2 of us officially working on this. There’s me and a friend on Discord from one of the server’s I created. I’ll edit this and throw his name up when I get permission to. He’s doing the primary server work. I’m working on setting up the game client, modifying them and getting them working as they should to work with our project.

Why should we trust you, TechX? 1320Challenge didn’t go well…

Well, that’s on you to decide. I’m being as open and honest as I’ve ever been and always was. 1320Challenge taught me a lot, like trust and how money ruins a good thing. There will be zero options for donations to this project until it is for sure possible and we’re confident in a release. Other reason is I’m the only person who was crazy enough to download all 600+Gigs of Racing Rivals assets and log the server responses before the game went offline. Pretty much, I’m the only person who even has any ability to do it at all, so its me or no one…. Take that as you will.

I want to donate to help! Where Can I?

Like I said above, no donations at this time. If you truly want to, I do have a sticker shop on Etsy called Car Customizers but, that’s as close as you’re going to get. I add stuff to it occasionally, so just keep watch or use the Contact Us page here on my site to request something and I can throw it up there.

When will it be released? I want to play!

We are far too early in on this project to give a release date of any kind. When I say “RR2020”, take it with a grain of salt. 1320Challenge took multiple years. Its entirely possible this is the same way and you won’t see something that works until 2021, 2022 or never at all.

Will <insert game feature here> exist again in the game?

Its hard to say. It really depends on what version of the game we use. Personally, I’d like to go with 4.2.1 as it matches the Facebook version which allows us to do a release for cross platform play of PC and Android. I have not yet talked to an iOS dev/game hacker so I can’t promise anything with iOS.

I had so many cars, millions of dollars and thousands of gems. Do I get them back? What happened to my account?

That is all gone. Period. This is a fresh start. My day one \KaptinBoxxi/ account is gone, and so is any original account you started with. We have zero access to that stuff unless Glu Mobile wants to hand it over. That’s highly unlikely as they never even responded about 1320Legends or Challenge.

Can I Beta Test the Game?

No, as of right now, the game is in too early of stages to test at all. Its kind of stupid to set it up to play at this moment as to how the Android APK has to be setup and all that. Just stay tuned, as info comes up, I’ll make videos about it here: RR Video Playlist