Bypass FRP Samsung July 1, 2020 Security Patch (SM-T290 Used for tutorial)

Bypassing FRP is generally pretty difficult, but luckily, it was actually pretty easy on this tablet! This might work on other versions and other tablets, but this tutorial was made using a SM-T290 Galaxy Tab A 2019 tablet. Let’s get started!


What You’ll Need:

How to Bypass, the Text tutorial!

  1. First, obviously turn on your device, get to the point where you’re selecting a Wifi connection
  2. Connect to your personal wifi connection, then select Add Network at the bottom of the list
  3. When you’re keyboard pops up, select the square emoji icon on the top of the keyboard and click Go to Galaxy Store
  4. The Galaxy Store may ask to update, simply allow it, then it will kick you back to the network screen. Just click the square emoji icon in the top of the keyboard again, selecting G to Galaxy Store
  5. Once here, you want to install 2 specific apps (yes, that specific file manager)
    — A Web Browser of your choice, Kiwi Browser or Firefox recommended
    — File Explorer – File Manager(small and fully functional)
    5a.) It will ask you to login and verify your login. If its your first time, enter a phone number to verify the account. If not the first time, read 5b
    5b.) Wait for the timer to count down if you don’t see an email from Samsung to verify, and select Verify by Text Message at the bottom of the verification screen, then select Send Code Again and it will text it to you
  6. Once the apps are installed, open the web browser you selected and come to this page on your device.
  7. Download the SL5.apk from above and the Tecnocare.apk from above in the What You’ll Need section
  8. Go back into the Galaxy Store via the back button at the bottom, search the File Explorer app again and open it up, allow the app to view storage
  9. Install SL5.apk, allowing the app to install it, selecting “Open” when install is complete
  10. Go through the setup of SimpleLauncher, then open the Settings app
  11. Under Security, make sure Find My Device is disabled
  12. Open the Apps section, and search for Google Play services, select it and disable it
  13. Go back to the launcher screen and open any file explorer app (my files from SL is fine, allow it to view files)
  14. Select TecnoCare.apk and install it, then open the app when complete.
  15. At the bottom of TecnoCare when its open, select Continue. The app may force close or tell you it isn’t compatible. Ignore this and simply go back to the launcher screen
  16. Open the Settings app again, making sure Find My Device is disabled/gone and that anything else is disabled under Security
  17. From there, scroll down again to Accounts and backup, and add your personal google account
  18. Once the account is added, open the Apps section and enable Google Play services again
  19. Restart the device so you’re back into the setup screen
  20. Go through setup as normal, it will detect an account is already logged in and allow you to continue the setup process to a normal tablet!

Congrats! FRP Bypassed!

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