What Is PGSharp?!?

The days of having to be rooted to GPS Spoof in Pokemon Go on Android are over! PGSharp is here to disrupt the spoofing world, give Niantic a headache and help you get out to play when you normally can’t!

So… How What are the Risks Involved here?

Well, of course this is considered a 3rd Party add-on/exploit/hacked APK, so it goes against Niantic’s Term’s of Service. There is always a risk of being banned! Do NOT use your main account with PGSharp. Also, me teaching you how to use PGSharp does not mean I’m at fault, or the creators are at fault, for your ban if you are stupid about how you use PGSharp. With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s continue on with how to use PGSharp safely!

Some POGO Specific Terms from the Community and What They Mean

The POGO community is pretty clever in the things they come up with, and I wanted to list some things I had to learn in the last few days, as I haven’t touched POGO since 2017! These are some words that mean different things on POGO. Credits to ARSpoofing for the definition of all these words!

Teleporting: Teleporting is simple. Its when you use some tool that fakes your GPS location and jumps you to another location instantly. Teleporting is dangerous for your account though and can easily result in your account being banned forever.

Spoofing: Spoofing is another word for “faking” that can be mixed with a lot of different things in POGO. Spoofing your GPS location is the most common for things like Teleporting.

IV: Short for Individual Values, these are hidden stats that 3rd party tools can display, like PGSharp. These values are between 0 and 15, with a separate value for each stat. If you’re lucky, they can increase a caught Pokemon’s base stats by up to 10%. Take Squirtle’s base stats for example… the stats below are what can vary with 0 vs 15 for an IV stat

— Attack: 94 to 109
— Defense: 122 to 137
— Stamina: 88 to 103
— Keep in mind, higher CP does not mean perfect IV. Always check the IV’s with the Appraiser in game or with something like PGSharp.

Speed Raiding: This is a pretty clever thing you can combine with Teleporting to hunt for raids spawning shiny Pokemon. The steps below outline how to Speed Raid.
— 1.) Teleport to your Desired Raid.
— 2.) Use a Raid Pass to enter the lobby.
— 3.) Battle the raid boss.
— 4.) Check for a shiny/IV level, depending on what you’re hunting for, once the raid is complete.
— 5.) Run away form the raid boss if it isn’t what you want without throwing any balls, feeding a berry or catching the raid boss! This can result in starting the cool down timer, which means you can’t teleport yourself to another raid or back where you started!

Shiny: Shiny is a term for a rare form of a Pokemon. For example, there’s a rare chance with ever Magikarp that it’ll be shiny when you click on it to catch. You’ll know its shiny as once you go to catch it, it’ll be GOLD instead of RED. Almost every Pokemon has a shiny form, and most are a 2% or less chance at spawning, so keep your eyes peeled! I almost missed out on an Executor because I couldn’t see his head…

Shundo: Shundo is a perfect IV Shiny. Simple as that. These are incredibly rare!

Nest or Mega Nest: Various Pokemon are prone to “nesting” in POGO. This means they will stay in a certain area on the map for up to 2 weeks at a time. For those 2 weeks, you will find more of that specific Pokemon in that spot than anything else. This is a great way to hunt for a Shiny/Shundo or Perfect IV. Also helps with Gathering candies and star dust! You’ll usually get the desired shiny within 2-4 hours of play in these areas.

Let’s Talk PGSharp

Now that you’ve learned all the lingo, we need to talk about how to get PGSharp working on your device, right? That’s the point of this post at least… I think.

PGSharp is only free for 1 week, or 5 bucks for 1 month. There are limitations to the free 1 week vs the 1 month, and its really honestly worth the 5 bucks. I’m not being sponsored to say that… its the truth.

You can get PGSharp from the link below

Setting up PGSharp

One thing with PGSharp is that it is highly recommended you setup a new alternate account for it using the Pokemon Trainer Club. You cannot use Google and Facebook with PGSharp. Keep that in mind for this.

Also, PGSharp does not work on PC Based Android Emulators, so don’t bother throwing it up on Bluestacks, Memu or any of the sort. It knows…

Basic Instruction Setup

  1. Grab a spare Android Device (like a tablet or spare phone) that isn’t rooted, if POGO from the Play Store is installed, delete it and go to the PGSharp website above to download PGSharp and install it on the device.
  2. Either Create a new account using Pokemon Trainer Club or click Returning Player and login using the Pokemon Trainer Club. You should get a popup from PGSharp asking for you to validate it with a serial key you get from the PGSharp website.
  3. Follow the instructions on the PGSharp website and grab either a free key or a 5 dollar key, follow the instructions, and validate the new PGSharp website account by finding the email from PGSharp with the email you registered with.
  4. Copy the Serial Key from your PGSharp account, and paste it in the text box that pops up from PGSharp. From there, you’re done! You can start spoofing and collecting!

Advanced Tutorial and Video coming soon!

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