24 Hours With Windows 11

I get it, its a preview leak… whatever. I’ll try it again in the future. I’m a micro-electronics technician working for a repair shop. My Windows tablet is primarily used for flashing Android Devices and doing data transfers. That’s it.

The Computer I Used
Xidu PhilPad
Intel Atom E3950
Intel HD 505 Graphics
128GB Storage SSD

The Install Process
Fairly Painless at first… I don’t know why so many people had issues. I used Yuzu to create a USB from the ISO, booted right into the installer, went through the setup like it was Win 10. Once I got to the next part of the setup though, kind of a nightmare on my machine. Apparently it decided that my Intel HD 505 had to display everything at 640×480 resolution when in all reality my display on this tablet is recommended at 2560×1440. It was hard to read things, hard to click proper things, etc. This part sucked, but I got through it and got to the desktop

Actual Use

So, using the desktop and new interface wasn’t bad. I kinda hate that I have to go back to 10 already, but I’ll get into that. Getting drivers was very painless. It downloaded outdated drivers for some reason, compared to what the software “DriverEasy” detected I needed. No big deal, did a restart after that was all said and done, and it was fine. After that restart, I installed my usual stuff. ADB and Fastboot system wide for my android work, installed Firefox and 7zip, and that was really all I needed. Firefox gave me an issue installing at first and I had to run the installer after another restart for some reason, but I chalk that up to basic issues with it being a leaked build.

Why I’m Going Back to Win10 Already

I’ll be honest, I would have kept 11 forever and slowly updated overtime, but, and its a big but, there were issues with my specific use case.
– Something about CMD changed. Not sure what, but something changed. I couldn’t run the standard from google Flash-All.bat script files anymore. They’d just start up and close. No issues previously and double checked on another computer. It is a Win11 issue.
– Flashing any Android Images larger than 800mb would cause infinite loading after running “fastboot flash system system.img” commands.
– If it didn’t infinitely load, it would then always crash with a “Operation Not Permitted” blaming the device after part 4 of a sparse img sending to flash the device. If the system.img was 4 or less parts, it’d flash just fine

Although issue now is win10 setup doesn’t see my storage drive… oh boy lol

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