Rooting Samsung SM-G360T

I wanted to write this up because it was a headache and a half getting it to work for myself. This device is for my son. Its a spare phone I had laying around that I wanted to slim down to the bare basics; no phone app, no texting, no way to accidentally spend money… Basically turned the phone into a fancy MP3 Player. No roms on XDA worked either, so I had to take this into my own hands.

Unlocking the Bootloader and Rooting

What You’ll Need:
1.) A Windows PC (or knowledge enough to do this on Linux)
2.) Odin: Get It Here:
3.) TWRP For the phone:
4.) Magisk Root ZIP:
5.) Stock Recovery File:

Rooting Steps:
0.) You don’t really need to “Unlock the Bootloader” with this device luckily, but follow these steps and you’ll be good to go
1.) Open Settings, Go to About Device, and tap Build Number about 10 times. This unlocks Developer Options
2.) Open Developer Options and enable OEM Unlocking
3.) Connect your phone to your PC and copy the file to the internal storage, then disconnect your phone from your PC
4.) Put your phone in Odin/Bootloader Mode by turning it off, then holding Vol. Down+Home Key+Power Button till a blue screen pops up, hit the Vol. Up to continue
5.) Open Odin on your PC, click the AP button and select the TWRP File
6.) Click the Start button and wait for the phone to finish and reboot
7.) Unplug your device from the computer, Power it off, and hold Vol. Up+Home Key+Power until you boot into TWRP
8.) Make the System Writable via the bottom slider
9.) Go to Install, and select the, it will Root the device!
10.) Once complete, unplug your phone from the PC, Pull the battery and put it back in
11.) Get back into Odin mode like we did in step 4, Vol. Down+Home+Power, then hit Vol. Up to continue
12.) Flash the Stock Recovery file the same way we did TWRP
13.) From there, the phone should boot, and you’re rooted!

Video Coming Soon!

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