Installing ADB, Drivers and Fastboot

This tutorial outlines exactly how I personally install ADB, Fastboot and Google Drivers universally to a Windows computer system. I’ve had issues in the past with these “quick instalelrs” but still wanted it added to the overall system PATH, so this is how I do it!

Will record Video Tutorial soon!

What You Need:

Install Steps

1.) Download the ADB Installer Reborn first from XDA and run that through completion. This will install adb/fastboot to C:/adb, remember that.

2.) Install the Google Drivers during the ADB Installer Reborn as well

3.) Once that installer is done, download the Platform-Tools from Google and open the Zip file in Explorer, 7zip or other zip file extractor

4.) Open the C:/adb folder on your Local Drive, and copy everything from inside the Platform-folder into the c:/adb folder. If it asks you to over-write items that are duplicates, say yes.

5.) Complete! Restart your computer just to be safe that everything updates as it should, plugin a device when it comes back up, enable USB Debugging on the device, plug it in, open CMD and type adb devices to see if its recognized!

Device Not Recognized in >Mode<

  • Plugged in while on for adb connection
    – Make sure USB Debugging is enabled and the computer has permission to connect
  • ADB Sideload Not Recognized
    – Drivers may not be installed. Samsung, Motorola, LG, Sony, etc. all have their own Windows Drivers for Android Devices. Download them for your device
    – Also, check Device Manager. If your device isn’t recognized on plugin, open Device Manager and see if there’s an Unknown Device named Android connected. Right click it, select Update Drivers from a list and select Android ADB
  • Fastboot flash-all Scripts Failing
    – This is because you’re missing things in the c:/adb folder. Copy all the Platform-Tools items into the c:/adb folder
  • Fastboot Flashing Not Working
    – Check for tutorials on XDA-Developers to see if your device actually uses Fastboot. Samsung uses Odin flash tool, Moto/Lenovo has their own flash tool, etc. Make sure your device doesn’t have a designated tool
    – If it doesn’t have a designated tool, check Device Manager for Unknown Devices and the drivers not installing properly

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