Drag Racing Game Bot Source Code

A long time ago, I was more into the bottom world than I was into the game modding world. I was amazed at what you could automate on a PC. I got into it myself and made 2 different bots for PC CSR Racing. These should work (with slight modification) for any version of CSR Racing in any Android Emulator OR the Windows App Store Version of CSR Racing (if you can find it). These bots have been tested and do work on other games like Racing Rivals.

Let’s get right to it!

Features of the Bots

  • CSRBot v2
    — Auto Detection of Game Window
    — Hot Key Implemented for starting a race
    — Customizable Timer Delays for race start/auto pilot and Windows Process Priority to help against lag
    — Fully Customizable Shift Timers and Gear Selection with ability to “Ghost Shift” (skip gears if the car is faster going straight from 2nd to 4th for example)
    — NOS Gear. As soon as you enter a specific gear, it also uses NOS
    — Launch Types: Drop Launch (Rev until timer lets go of gas pedal) or RPM Match (never added, just UI element)
    — Save and Load feature


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