Official TechX Modded Minecraft Server!

Welcome to my new Modded Anarchy Minecraft server! If you’re new to Minecraft, let me explain what this all means, as its probably gibberish to you.

How to join the server?

Simply open up your game on Java Edition, go to Multiplayer and use the URL “”. That’s it! That will connect you to the server!

What is a Minecraft Anarchy Server?

Anarchy in Minecraft just means its a community with no rules. You can cheat, steal, grief, and fight on the server. There’s no bans issued to players who partake on the server, as well as there is no Administrator on the server that has more power than any other player on the server.

How does someone “Cheat” in Minecraft?

Cheating in Minecraft is a broad wording to describe just what you can do. Personally, I use what’s called a Client Mod or Forge Utility called WWEClient. This “cheat” allows me to see other players through walls, draws lines on screen to all NPC’s on screen, allows me to Auto Fish, gives me an automated fighting tool called Kill Aura, and much more. The client has over 70 features that can be used. On top of all that, you can also use external tools. There are private tools that people use in which they can exploit how Map Generation works on Minecraft to find people simply based on screen shots. There’s a ton of options out there. When “cheating” is allowed on the server, everyone is still on even playing ground, unlike in most games where “cheating” is frowned upon as its not allowed. Sometimes an Anti-Cheat is still played on one of these servers largely to keep major exploits at bay. While there is an Anti-Cheat in use on my server, it does not stop general Anarchy play.

What makes this server different from other Anarchy Servers?

My server has custom mods applied. These mods add more content than a Vanilla Experience like other Anarchy servers publicly available. Another factor is not all Mods are publicly known, and its a players job to figure out what the new additions are. Below are just some of the mods. More will be added over time as well.

  • AFK Display
    This allows other players on the server to see who is and who isn’t AFK. May be removed in the future or have its functionality changed.
  • Durability Ping
    When an item in hand is below 2% durability, the game will make a ping sound and alert you that your item is about to break.
  • Player Graves
    This places a grave on the spot of where a player recently died whether its due to combat or NPCs. If you Crouch Walk over the grave, it will allow you to Grave Rob the player.
  • Timber
    This causes trees to drop all their wood based on breaking one log of the tree.
  • 14 More Mods!
    These are the ones you have to discover on your own. I’ll give you some hints though… Enchantments and Craftable items!

Future Mods to Apply

  • Mob Stacking
    This will combine mobs of the same type together all into one, and have a number above their heads representing how many are currently spawned into a certain area around you.
  • Custom Structures and Treasures
    Just like it sounds, new things to find and new treasures to dig up.
  • Donator and Starter Kits
    These are items that a lot of people seem to request on other servers just to get them started. While I have the ability to give kits right now, there’s no stopping a player from simply spamming the command and receiving a few thousand of them
  • Mystery Mods
    Whatever I don’t feel like telling you or what’s requested by players that I will either inform you of, or not, about being added