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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of questions I receive often with the answers already listed

What Games/Software Have You Worked On In The Past Under Hack4Hire?

There’s a long list of games and software I’ve worked on, but I always worked for free on those projects due to legal issues and not being as knowledgeable as I am now. I have admittedly done more with games than software in my past. The games I primarily worked on heavily in the past were Nitto 1320 Legends, Combat Arms, Crossfire, Sudden Attack, Racing Rivals and The Private Server. Some of the software and programs I’ve worked on have been TechSuite, and BitStorm with other small custom programs cracked as well.

How Do I Get To Play 1320Challenge?

Playing 1320Challenge is very easy! You simply follow the links below

Register an Account Here Download Game Client Here

How Do I Dump an File?

To do this, I recommend you watch my YouTube tutorial on my channel (Linked Here). You will need the tools IL2CPPDumper by Prefare from gitHub (Linked HereLinked Here), as well as a Hex Editor like HxD, and dnSpy or .NET Reflector with the plugin Reflexil.