SM-T290 2021 FRP Bypass

FRP Bypassing is slowly becoming an art form. Having to get more and more creative day by day with each new security update, we have to modify our methods. I enjoy the challenge though. So, how did I get around Samsung fixing my bypass method on SM-T290’s after the June 2021 Security Patch? Read on […]

Installing ADB, Drivers and Fastboot

This tutorial outlines exactly how I personally install ADB, Fastboot and Google Drivers universally to a Windows computer system. I’ve had issues in the past with these “quick instalelrs” but still wanted it added to the overall system PATH, so this is how I do it! Will record Video Tutorial soon! What You Need: ADB […]

Flash GSI ROM and Root on OnePlus Nord N10 5G

DISCLAIMER!!! Any lost data, bricked device or issues caused by attempting everything below is not my fault. You assume responsibility of your own actions. This has ONLY BEEN TESTED ON A BE2026!! You have been warned! What You’ll Need Full Fastboot/ADB installed, system wide helps— My method is use the ADB Quick Installer (here: ADB […]

Flashing & Rooting Android 12 On A Google Pixel Device

Its super simple to root Android 12 now on Google Pixel’s. Some extra steps are needed compared to the normal root methods out there with custom Recovery, but we get around this just fine! Let’s get right into it! What You Need Android 12 Installed on DeviceOTA ZIP (If not Bootloader Unlocked): ZIP (If […]