CSR Profile Editor for iOS [Linux & Mac Tool Release No JailBreak!]

CSR Racing has been a staple in the mobile drag racing game world for about the last 5 years. Amazing graphics, multiplayer racing, tournaments, tons of popular cars, and fun tuning. There’s always been a secret level of difficulty that only few pick up on in CSR, and that’s the shifting elements of a car. […]

Posted on July 6, 2020 in Old Projects,SinfulAndroid,Tutorials by TechX
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Drag Racing Game Bot Source Code

A long time ago, I was more into the bottom world than I was into the game modding world. I was amazed at what you could automate on a PC. I got into it myself and made 2 different bots for PC CSR Racing. These should work (with slight modification) for any version of CSR […]

APK Mod Installation Methods

There are several ways to run APK mods on Android devices. There’s XAPK’s, APK’s, OBB and sometimes other proprietary files. There’s also different styles of installations like Root Installs and Non-Root installs. On this post, we’ll inform you how to properly download from here on SinfulAndroid and install our APK Mods! Root Devices Lucky Patcher […]

Dungeon Cards Speed Running APK Mod 1.0.177

Just a simple APK Mod of Dungeon Cards for Android. A video below shows the mods creation. Applied ModsStarting Weapons Are More PowerfulSuper Powers are Cheaper by a division of 10Level Caps Raised for Super PowersGold Doubles At the End of Every GameNo AdsInstall Original And This One On The Same Device Download BelowSpeed Running […]

C# to v7a IL2CPP Hex Conversions

This has been heavily requested since I started doing IL2CPP hacking tutorials on my YouTube channel (found HERE). I figured, its long over do, time to post and explain different C# to IL2CPP Hex code conversions. Let’s start with the basics Always Return True as a Boolean What is a Boolean:A Boolean is simply a True […]