Installing ADB, Drivers and Fastboot

This tutorial outlines exactly how I personally install ADB, Fastboot and Google Drivers universally to a Windows computer system. I’ve had issues in the past with these “quick instalelrs” but still wanted it added to the overall system PATH, so this is how I do it! Will record Video Tutorial soon! What You Need: ADB […]

Flash GSI ROM and Root on OnePlus Nord N10 5G

DISCLAIMER!!! Any lost data, bricked device or issues caused by attempting everything below is not my fault. You assume responsibility of your own actions. This has ONLY BEEN TESTED ON A BE2026!! You have been warned! What You’ll Need Full Fastboot/ADB installed, system wide helps— My method is use the ADB Quick Installer (here: ADB […]

24 Hours With Windows 11

I get it, its a preview leak… whatever. I’ll try it again in the future. I’m a micro-electronics technician working for a repair shop. My Windows tablet is primarily used for flashing Android Devices and doing data transfers. That’s it. The Computer I UsedXidu PhilPadIntel Atom E39506GB RAMIntel HD 505 Graphics128GB Storage SSD The Install […]

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Flashing & Rooting Android 12 On A Google Pixel Device

Its super simple to root Android 12 now on Google Pixel’s. Some extra steps are needed compared to the normal root methods out there with custom Recovery, but we get around this just fine! Let’s get right into it! What You Need Android 12 Installed on DeviceOTA ZIP (If not Bootloader Unlocked): ZIP (If […]

ProSeries Drag Racing 2.20 APK MOD Release

Mod Features All Cars Unlocked for Cash/Gold Purchase– Every car in the game can now be bought with Cash or Gold, instead of real money or just gold! Unlimited Cash/Gold/Dyno Runs by Button Click– Go under Settings in the game (left side menu, click the gear top right of the pop-out), click the “Add$GoldDynos/Sound: ON” […]

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What Is PGSharp?!?

The days of having to be rooted to GPS Spoof in Pokemon Go on Android are over! PGSharp is here to disrupt the spoofing world, give Niantic a headache and help you get out to play when you normally can’t! So… How What are the Risks Involved here? Well, of course this is considered a […]

APK Mod Installation Methods

There are several ways to run APK mods on Android devices. There’s XAPK’s, APK’s, OBB and sometimes other proprietary files. There’s also different styles of installations like Root Installs and Non-Root installs. On this post, we’ll inform you how to properly download from here on SinfulAndroid and install our APK Mods! Root Devices Lucky Patcher […]

Dungeon Cards Speed Running APK Mod 1.0.177

Just a simple APK Mod of Dungeon Cards for Android. A video below shows the mods creation. Applied ModsStarting Weapons Are More PowerfulSuper Powers are Cheaper by a division of 10Level Caps Raised for Super PowersGold Doubles At the End of Every GameNo AdsInstall Original And This One On The Same Device Download BelowSpeed Running […]