Trackmania Drift Forever [MOD ARCHIVE]

An Archive of the Trackmania Drift Forever MOD with Install Instructions

I enjoy digging around’s way back machine on many websites. Tonight, I discovered an old Google Site dedicated to modding Trackmania Nations Forever! A free Trackmania game from 2007 (or 2008?) you can get on Steam and still has a lively community even in 2022! Below are the install instructions and archived download links for the mod by iMikeMar (aka RunningMan on the TM forums).

Things You’ll Need:
Changes to Trackmania that will occur
  • added: 3 Blow-Off Valve sounds
  • added: Turbo Spool sound, also included an extra .WAV to make other custom cars sound turbo’d
  • added: Wastegate, 2 Backfires, Tire Squeal, and Engine Rev sounds
  • added: Barber Swirl Fan, added Low Profile Tire Mark
  • added: UNINSTALL files

If you installed Trackmania United Forever in Steam, install Drift Forever in the following steps…Locate the INSTALL folder in the .ZIP, inside it is a GameData folder.

  1. Locate the GameData folder (default steam: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\trackmania united\GameData)
  2. Replace all the files with the new files from the .zip’s INSTALL GameData folder into your trackmania GameData folder
  3. Install any Drift Forever Cars at this time (default: My Documents\TrackMania\Skins\Vehicles\CarCommon)
  4. To experience Drift Forever FULLY, I HIGHLY SUGGEST you go ingame and select a Drift Forever Car for Stadium Environment
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