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The History of Nitto 1320 Challenge

Nitto 1320 Challenge was the second game of a series of multiplayer online drag racing games for PC that released in 2001 by CIE Games. This game was a slight upgrade from the game Nitto 555R Challenge which featured multiple race tracks, around 20 cars, turn based multiplayer (select opponent, run your half of the race, send it, 72 hours to accept and race their half, see results), and some engine building/car customization with basic tuning of gear ratio editing. About half way through the life span of Nitto 1320 Challenge, there was a sponsored tournament called the Mopar Drag City Tournament featuring all mopar based vehicles. It took quite a few years to find a working download for this, but it will be below! As for Nitto 1320 Challenge as a whole, plagued by hackers using Nitto Apoc and Nitto Revo, which were hacked clients for the game using methods discussed in the Nerdy Talk section below, the official servers shutdown in 2007 when Nitto 1320 Legends launched, but an attempt was made to revive the game by fans starting in 2014. While progress was made, last I personally checked, the game has very few active players, isn’t complete, has many bugs and seems like its reached its end.

Partial Credits to my long time friend Kinard for helping find some of these versions below!

The Nerdy Talk…

Nitto 1320 Challenge early days was initially made with nothing but Adobe Flash. It used the standard getURL function to communicate with the server for the first few versions, but around the 1.0 released, they switched over to Adobe Director and started using Shockwave plugins for lingo calls, which don’t play nice with Flash, and working with director is very difficult as we don’t have a method of retrieving the *.dir file for Director. When the attempt at recreating the server was started, we used a tool called SWF Imperator, which was probably pirated/found on Chinese piracy websites as the tool is 100% Chinese with the language and we had to guess what buttons to click. From there, it was a nightmare getting it to not crash on us and usually took several hours to get a FLA from a SWF that worked in Adobe Flash. The result though was a near bugless FLA file we could edit in Adobe Flash CS6 with actionscript 2.0/1.0 being used. The server was done with PHP but in hindsight probably should have been done as a executable in C# or ASP.NET like the original game was.

You can also use tools like JPEXS Flash Decompiler to view the swf of the running game, but saving as FLA with JPEXS seems to cause around 800 errors that need fixed before the game runs correctly.

Downloads for Nitto 1320 Challenge

Keep in mind, this game shut down in 2007, and there are no official servers for this game. There is one 3rd party server known to be running, but isn’t supported by this website and is not recommended to be played on

Official Version Downloads Post:

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