What Was Speed Line Racing?

Every so often… I like to go down the rabbit hole of searching a basic term on Internet Archive, and seeing what I find. This post is about the history, what little there is, of Speed Line Racing!

Alright, I’ll Bite, What’s the Story Here?

Speed Line Racing, or SLR for short, was an Adobe Flash based game that seemed to release its first beta download on June 4, 2004 to the world on the website street-warz.com, which was owned by X420 and 2hottfancy*. They were actually moderators on the game Nitto 1320 Challenge at the time, from what I’m told. The game was all about customizing your ride how you want it. The beta released in June 2004 was simply an account registration, login, in-game chat, and a start of 3 cars to customize. You could change headlights and tail lights, add roof scoops, change pumpers, add under glow, add a NOS purge, wide body fenders, decals to the side of the car, window tint different colors and that’s really it. There wasn’t much more to the game. According to the “Help” section of the game, which was a button in the top left corner, version 2.0 was going to add car show tournaments with in game currency. You’d have to work your way up, starting with a civic and only buying a few parts with the little starter cash you were given. The game also changed names by the time 2.0 released to Extreme PSI, but that executable seems lost to the internet, so unfortunately, we don’t have that version of the game.

Can I Play the Game?

Uhh, yes and no. If you’re on a desktop computer with Firefox or another web browser that still allows Adobe Flash to play on websites, you can try below by simply allowing flash on the web page.

If you’re on Mobile or another browser, you can try downloading the executable of the game, which is nothing more than the Adobe Flash file converted to an executable using a tool called JPEXS Flash Decompiler.

Both can be found below.

Direct Link ZIP File Executable

*Credits to my friend Kinard for the information on who X420 and 2hottfancy actually were!

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