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The History of Nitto 1320 Legends

Nitto 1320 Legends was actually the third game in a series of games released by the company CIE Games. Releasing in April 2007 for the world to play, the game was a quick success. New 2.5D visuals, live racing, live chat while racing, more cars, car tuning, and an amazingly advanced engine building system that to this day, even after browsing the source code of the game an uncountable amount of times, people don’t understand. If you would like to know more about Nitto 1320 Legends and see it in action, view the video below. Nitto 1320 Legends shut down in favor of Racing Rivals in 2014.

Partial Credits to my long time friend Kinard for helping find some of these versions below!

The Nerdy Talk…

So, lets talk nerdy for a second… I’m going to explain the back end of this game, since there’s no active servers for it, both official from CIE Games or 3rd Party, in case anyone wants to try to make one…

The game was originally coded with Adobe Flash/Adobe Director. Cars were made with 3d Models first, then angled specifically, rendered, cartooned up in Photoshop, then put into the game. The body of most cars is separate from the body parts (hood, bumpers, windows, lights, etc.) to make visual customization a breeze as far as body kits and other visual modifications for the cars.

As for the coding of the game, or viewing the assets, your best bet is to download a tool named JPEXS Flash Decompiler. From there, run the main executable of the game, open JPEXS, and select Nitto 1320 Legends from the running processes to extract the SWF from the process memory. Now you can save it as a SWF, or view the code using JPEXS code viewer. If you open any version later than, most of the server communication is found under “server/frame12” and there’s close to 2000 lines of code to view. You can also change where it tries to connect the server.

More info and a release of an editable game client will be coming soon!

Downloads for Nitto 1320 Legends

Keep in mind, this game shut down in 2014, and there are no official servers for this game. There’s also no known 3rd party methods of play for this either. These download links are provided AS IS, and are more for an archival purpose.

Official Version Downloads backup for all this:

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