Who Is TechX?!?

Long story short, I am TechX. My actual first name is Dave, but between friends and online followers, I’m called many different names from all sorts of communities. Supercarz1991, Dcomicboy, KaptinBoxxi, David… just to name a few. I have a history in quite a few communities, but most of it is following either automotive, video games, leaking, or some form of hacking and cracking. Sometimes the communities even combine!

Without further ado though, let me tell you who I am, and why I made an entire website just about myself, because it does make me seem fairly over confident with myself…

Ok, ok… Where Did This Nerdiness All Start?

Like I said above, I’ve been all over the internet, but to truly understand me, you need to know my past, present and future as far as what I’ve started but failed at, started and completed, what I’m currently doing and what my big plans are in the future.

As of this moment, and I’ll update this as years go by, I’m 29 years old living in Ohio with my girlfriend and children. I’m not going to give you much more info than that because the internet is a scary place and I don’t trust people to not try to find me! I have ADHD and High Functioning Autism, which definitely makes day to day life kind of difficult at times, but I don’t let it stop me from living a normal life as best I can. Currently, my main source of income is Electronics Repair. Everything from computers, cell phones and tablets to small portable Zebra Printers like Walmart and DSW warehouse and store employees use.

Electronics started as a hobby. Back in third grade, that’s at 8 years old for you International folks, we happened to have a very old and outdated computer in our classroom! Was a big deal back then honestly. I never stopped messing with it, and my teacher, Ms. Anders, told my parents this during a conference meeting. I’m not sure how much it could have been, but for Christmas that year, my sweet old parents bought me a home desktop computer. At first, I didn’t notice and didn’t have much under the Christmas Tree, so I looked at them kind of sad and said

“Santa must not have liked me very much this year. Was I bad?”

Big smiles on their faces, they pointed to the giant cardboard box in the dining room. It was the computer, a monitor, keyboard and mouse combo setup. A complete system! They laughed at the fact I didn’t notice it sooner and I eagerly ran to check it out.

We didn’t have time to set it up that day, as we would always go to my older sister’s house for Christmas by early afternoon, but the next day is what changed my life forever. We setup the computer, got it working and called up America Online for internet and I created my first email, and that’s where Dcomicboy was born…

I’ll add more to this in the future, as I add things to the site, this story will expand. Thanks for visiting my website and getting to know me! I’ll setup some sort of 2005-esque guestbook like my first ever Freewebs site had and maybe you could leave me some kind words.

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