Upgrading, Repairing, Recycling and Refurbishing. That's what I do! It started as a hobby, and morphed into my job. I love every moment of it!


We all love gaming. Why not take it to the next level?!? Modding and repairing classic consoles has become popular in recent years. Let me help you breath new life into your game consoles!


Our phones and tablets are practically a requirement now to be fully functional 100% of the time. If it breaks, you need a quick turn-around time on a good repair. Let me help you!


Computers are everywhere now. We carry laptops to school, work, coffee shops and more. Is it feeling sluggish? Spill a drink on it? I can help you repair it or retrieve data off of it!


My name is Dave Myers. I'm a hobbiest turned professional micro-electronics technician. I enjoy bit of what I do. I've been a repair technician for over 15 years. Repairing computers started as an actual job in 2010, and phones shortly there after.

I also enjoy gaming, reverse engineering software, creating web pages for friends and family, driving and much more.

I started small, got my first computer when I was just 8 years old for Christmas. My third grade teacher told my parents she couldn't keep me off the computer. Here I am today, helping people keep their devices working!



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